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God is Finished with Detroit

August 3, 2009

At last! Another installment of the evangelical art and kitch series!  Today I came across the photographs of freelance writer and artist James D. Griffioen.  Griffioen has an excellent spread on Detroit, the ultimate urban wasteland-turned-Arcadia.

Is God done with Detroit?

Is God done with Detroit?

I focus on the retro bumper sticker:  “Be Patient:  God is not Done Yet.”  I’ve seen many bad evangelical bumper stickers in my day.  “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter.”  “Think You’re Perfect?  Try Walking on Water?”  And the list goes on.  I appreciate this piece for its many layers of irony.  It’s on a rusted out car in Detroit, the capital of the rust belt.  Vegetation has re-wilded the city, and with the collapse of General Motors, it does appear that God is done with Detroit.  But I’ll relax and be patient nonetheless. I’m just glad I don’t live there.


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