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Day Two: Chicago to La Crosse

May 29, 2009

We took a slow day traveling and started out by running a bit and then doing yoga. Here’s a wrap-up of day two.

Legendary Dining Experience: We stopped at Madison, WI to find a good local place to eat, and we apparently hit the jackpot: Mickey’s Dairy Bar. This place still has menus, appliances, and staff from the 1950s (although the prices have jumped a bit). It’s an institution in Madison, and since it is right outside the football stadium, it’s been featured on ESPN’s “Taste of _____” segment that they air during Saturday evening college football telecasts.

Starla, Andrew, and Leah shop: We have to come all the way to Wisconsin to shop? Apparently so when it becomes increasingly clear that we didn’t pack enough clothes or the right type of clothes.

Andrew Eats First Boca “Burger”: Our wonderful friends hosted us in La Crosse, and we grilled out some Boca patties. I have to say that I wasn’t repulsed by the taste, but I also wouldn’t willfully choose to eat another Boca again.

Andrew Walks in Mississippi River: The Indigo Girls had it right: the Mississippi is might and it starts in Minnesota. I hopped in briefly on the Wisconsin side.

On to a long day of driving and a night of camping in the badlands.


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  1. Rather than the boca burger, I’d go with Trader Joe’s considerably more palatable Indian burger, which tastes like a samosa in patty form.

    P.S. I linked to your blog from a friend’s. Keep up the good work!

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