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Day One: Zombrano’s Temper and Chicago’s Upside

May 27, 2009

During the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing a special series on our road trip across the continent.  We’re taking a pastoral retreat away from the confusion and strife of Lexington.  We lit out for the territory today on a three week journey that will culminate in Victoria, British Columbia.  I hope that in writing this log, friends and family will be able to follow along on our trip, so much so that when friends ask us how the trip went, what happened, what we did, and where we went, I can just send them a link here.

We started out heading north on I 65 toward Chicago.  Leah inaugurated the leitmotif of male homoerotic entendre, which is apparently based on a Bob and Tom radio sequence.

We arrived at Wrigley Field just in time to see the start of the game.  I’ve always wanted to go to Wrigley, and now I know why:  the park is amazing.  It is itself a testament to the ritual that baseball cherishes.  There’s no rhyme or reason to the scoreboard.  There’s no replay screen; fans are expected to watch every play.

The most exciting moment happened near the end of the game, when Carlos Zombrano got ejected for arguing a play at the plate.  Leah got a great photo of it.

Zombrano gets tossed

After the game, we had dinner with and old friend for Leah and a new friend for us, and then headed to the suburbs to stay with the Midwest installment of the McFadden clan.


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