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25 News Stories that Need More Coverage

November 14, 2008

Of late I have become an avid listener of NPR’s On the Media. As good as this program is in holding our corporate media accountable, it still pales in comparison to Project Censored, a longstanding independent study of U.S. media.  The project, which is run by students and faculty at Sonoma State University, seeks to locate the top 25 under-reported news stories of the year. After a year dominated by political blather, election coverage, anxieties over high gas prices, and laments over a subprime mortgage crisis, I think it is especially important to go out of our way to seek out stories that our media has ignored or glossed over.

The story that tops this list is the elephant in the room:  over one million Iraqi citizens have died because of the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Iraq since 2003.  Yet there are other disturbing stories as well.  It turns out that President Bush has pushed legislation that makes it lawful for the United States government to sieze the assets of “Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq” (i.e. war protesters).  It also turns out, according to a story on this list, that former New York State Govrenor Eliot Spitzer was ousted not because of his sexual infedility, but rather because of his outspoken disaproval of the Bush administration and its role in our current economic crisis.

We need more media coverage that holds our leaders accountable for standards of peace.


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