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A Media Oversight?

October 23, 2008

It’s been about a week since the final Presidential Debate of 2008, which was not so much a debate as a structured exchange of personal attacks between John McCain and Barack Obama.  Media pundits immediately speculated as to whether McCain’s aggressive wit–“If you wanted to oppose George W. Bush, you should have run in 2004”–would parlay into his making up a few percentage points in the polls.

Meanwhile, outside the debate, a cohort of Iraq veterans had gathered to protest our country’s military involvement in the Middle East.  Iraq Veterans Against the War, led by Nick Morgan, attempted to gain access to the debates to pose a simple question:  how can the United States justify our imperial war of aggression, and why has neither John McCain or Barack Obama seriously considered ending it?

Several home videos document an act of police brutality that took place during the IVAW protest, which was nonviolent.  Local authorities, on horseback, trampled several soldiers, including Nick Morgan.  He suffered a broken cheekbone, and today he had yet another surgery to prevent his eye from sinking into his sinus cavity.

We’ve reached a moment, yet again, in the presidential electoral process where the spectacle of the candidates “debating” has overshadowed any substantive discussion about issues that matter.  I wish Morgan a full recovery from his injury, the result of civil disobedience.


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