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We Are Exerting our Military Might in Iraq and Elsewhere, Remember?

October 7, 2008

Another Presidential debate has come and gone, and neither candidate engaged the problem of our nation’s military aggression against “forces of evil” to any level of consequence.  Worse, issues like health care and our economic crisis functioned as talking points, seemingly unrelated to the way our country chooses to spend its money.  According to Barack Obama, Operation Iraqi Freedom has cost the United States nearly a trillion dollars thus far.

What are we supposed to do?  A good start is to remember that the United States is, in fact, embroiled in an attempted military occupation of Iraq.  A second good step is to seek out a spirit and community of peacemaking.  Here in Lexington, The Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice is sponsoring a series of events, 20 Days for Peace and Justice. This is a chance for the Lexington community to come together and think about ways that we can strive for peace amidst a time of empty rhetoric and extreme loss of life.


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