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The U.S. Media and the War

September 24, 2008

This week’s recommendation is a short documentary, War Made Easy:  How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death.  This film outlines our nation’s recent trend of using the media to legitimize wars of aggression, most of which are initiated on dubious grounds.

Among the many great points that this film makes is the fallacy of our own occupation with whether or not the United States is in a position to “win the war” we are now fighting.  One example of this belief in the film is Walter Cronkite’s assertion during his newscast that the Vietnam War is “un-winnable.”  Sean Penn, the film’s narrator, points out that this claim, while a noble attempt to dislodge American support for war, is also typically American:  it refuses to recognize the costs and damage of war in any terms other than American life.  The same type of rhetoric occurs a generation later, as the United States continues to languish in Iraq.

We must never condone this type of thinking, for it advances an inconsistent ethic of life.


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