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An Improbable Hole in One

June 18, 2008

I have been golfing on a semi-regular basis for at least twelve years.  Even by conservative estimates, I have golfed about 200 rounds in my lifetime, which means that I’ve had about 800 realistic chances at getting an ace (assuming that there’s four par 3s on an 18-hole course).  That’s a lot of swings on a lot of par 3 holes, but according to the odds that most golf statisticians have calculated, I’ve got many more rounds to play before I land an ace–4200, to be exact.  If I continue to play golf at the rate I do now for the rest of my life (somewhere around 15 rounds per year), it will take me 333 years to acquire this level of experience.  It looks like I’ll have to pick up the pace.

So imagine my overwhelming consternation, laced with a twinge of frustration, yesterday when my spouse Starla scored a hole in one in just her third time playing golf ever. We were at Avon Golf Course at Bluegrass Station, a 9-hole municipal course in Lexington, KY.  On the fifth hole, a 122-yard par 3, Starla teed off with a driver.  She hit it squarely but not completely, and the ball went high in the air, right at the pin.  It bounced once, about 2-3 feet before the hole, and went directly in the cup.  In merely 27 holes of golf–three 9-hole outings–she has accomplished what many dedicated participants of the beautiful game never will.hole-in-one

She registered her ace at the US Golf Register, and the ball, scorecard, and club will be enshrined in the Battista-Solan household for years to come.


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  1. Steph permalink

    Unbelievable. Way to go Starla!

  2. Pam permalink

    That’s my girl!!

  3. Aimee permalink

    Amazing! Remind me to never go mini-golfing with you two.

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