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R.I.P. Rich Mullins: Gone for Ten Years

September 19, 2007

Ten years ago today the well-known Christian songwriter Rich Mullins was killed in a car accident. He was traveling on a highway in Indiana and was ejected from his Jeep when it flipped over.


At the time of his death, Mullins was working on a project he called “The Jesus Record.”  The songs, which he recorded on a hand-held tape recorder in a church, have the power to restore one’s Christology.

I urge everyone to give these songs a re-listen.  They are thoroughly rooted in a transforming experience of reading the Gospels closely.  Without question, Mullins’s premature death is the most significant one of any musician in the 1990s.

  1. I didn’t know you were a Rich Mullins fan, Andrew. I listened to him when I was much younger, then ‘grew out’ of him, and then, about five years ago, rediscovered his music. But I haven’t listened to that album.

  2. Seth,

    I am a very ambivalent Rich Mullins fan. Of course, I detest his early songs, especially his famous, “Our God is an Awesome God,” which became an anthem for muscular Christianity. I never liked the fact that people were so comfortable singing about God’s vengence.

    “The Jesus Record,” however, is quite different. Before he died Mullins began working on a collection of songs about Jesus becuase he felt that many people had lost touch with the Jesus of the Gospels. The songs are rooted in a very attentive reading to what the Gospels actually say about Jesus, and, best of all, they are raw and unproduced.

    I can burn you a copy if you’d like.

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