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President Bush Eats Cats

August 20, 2007

Yes, it’s true. Our President’s moral compass has gone so violently afoul that he has taken to eating kittens. I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it with my own eyes.



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  1. heather permalink

    you’re such a dork. i doubt that’s actually what he’s doing.

  2. lemonhead permalink


  3. Makenzie permalink

    noo not the kitten

  4. Bobby Thym permalink

    Awesome dude! Great picture. Great headline. Great sense of humor.

  5. Drake of Texas permalink

    you can tell its been photo shopped but nice job i guess

  6. duffman permalink

    maybe he was just licking the kitty..

    but who knows, can billions of asians be wrong..

    as for me.. i’m stickin with fish since i am on a first name basis with too many cats and kittens to consider them edible..

    btw.. great photo.. cute and funny at the same time..

  7. ellie permalink

    that is just sick and wrong

    shame on uxxxxxxxxx

  8. Scout2196 permalink

    That’s sick and obviously photoshopped. He might have been a bad president but he was the president so he deserves some respect.

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