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Recycled Art

July 28, 2007

Last night I had the privilege of attending an art exhibit, entitled Recycled Matter[s], at the Lexington Art League’s Louden gallery. As I perused the exhibit, I realized that the theme of recycling material ranged from the metaphorical, i.e. artists “recycling” old ideas or old paintings and redisplaying them, to the literal, where artists entered exhibits made out of recycled materials. For example, one artist constructed a quilt made of rags and shopping bags from Kroger. Another created an ornately-styled dress out of what looked like a rain poncho. Still another work featured a bracelet ornamented solely with springs, clips, and widgets from old personal computers. The exhibit purports to offer a commentary on the social practice of recycling, and I’m sure that if I had consumed enough wine, this commentary would have spoken to me more clearly.

However creative the exhibit is, the real draw is the “fourth Friday” crowd. The gallery was so full of Lexington’s neo-liberals, all of them rabidly clamouring to get some cheap wine and a free plate of Bourbon ‘n Toulouse food, that I felt as if I had shown up at a rock concert instead of an art exhibit.

I do recommend coming out to see this exhibit next month (August 24).  However, if you do decide to drive, arrive early or else you’ll be run out of the parking lot by the patrons’ fleet of Subaru Outbacks and massive Ford Expeditions.


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One Comment
  1. heather permalink

    yay for andrew supporting artists!! i trust y’all are taking good care of my painting of starla :)

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